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1923 Ford C Cab
Manitowac, WI
posted 4-27-2011

Engine Make: Chrysler Hemi
Engine Size: 540 cu in
Transmission Type: GM 4L60
Rear End Type: C4 Corvette
Body Color: Intense Blue, Orange Flames
Interior Color: Blue & Black
Wheel Type: Crager & Colorado Customs
Price: $79,900.00
Pricing Info: Negotiable
Trades: No Trades
Comments: 1923 Ford C Cab with blown 540 HEMI 4 sale

Don't just look at the pictures. Don't just skim this description. Take in everything, as this 1923 Ford C-Cab is one of the most impressive and most complete street rods you will ever find (in its first year it collected 16 first-place finishes in 16 shows). The customization, craftsmanship, originality, and performance really stack up. And even with a blown 770 HP hemi, you can easily drive it anywhere.

This masterpiece was constructed over the course of six years by the talented owner of a machining and fabrication business. This was to be his final street rod and was built to be driven, so nothing but the best materials and craftsmanship were used; quality always trumped time. Every metal piece has been carefully plated or powder coated. Attention to detail abounds!

Construction began with a custom frame fabricated from 1/4" wall 2" x 4" steel, making for a very rigid and very strong chassis - quite important with the power this car makes. The rear suspension is from a C4 Corvette and works perfectly with this setup. And the front suspension? It uses adjustable coilovers hidden at the back of the car with a full 8" of travel. This slick arrangement gives a very neat look up front (and also makes things easier to keep clean). The entire setup gives a very comfortable ride with excellent handling. The power steering system uses a box from a Dakota pickup with custom joints, while 4-wheel disc brakes make for easy stopping. Wheels are 15" x 4" Cragar SS in front, while out back are beautiful (and expensive) Colorado Customs 20" x 15" with Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires.

The fiberglass body has beautiful, high quality paint. It is uses an Intense Blue base with shaded Hemi Orange flames. Note the Ed Roth "Rat Fink" highlights as well. Fit and finish is also of top quality. The oak truck box looks fantastic and opens to a trunk that offers nice storage for trips. The radiator skull is lighted, and there is also a skull third brake light. Doesn't this just look outrageous?

The interior is special as well. Ingress/egress is made easy by a custom swing-away steering column and doors that close automatically on air cylinders. The dash and console are made from oak and include a full set of gauges. The seats are heated and massaging, with speaker inserts in addition to the door speakers. There are full plexiglass windows that pivot into place. There is a horn along with self-cancelling turn signals. A heater is present as is full interior lighting, including the pedals. Note too this car has 3-point seat belts with the shoulder straps mounted to structural steel.

And now for the drivetrain. Power comes from a 540 CI Chrysler hemi custom built by For Hemis Only. This is a high dollar powerplant that produces a whopping 770 hp and 740 lb-ft (dyno sheet included). It has a polished 8-71 supercharger from The Blower Shop topped by dual Holley 670 cfm Street Avenger carbs specially built for the blower setup. This engine has high quality race components throughout (a full build sheet is available), but also has a fairly mild cam for good drivability. The radiator has an electric fan, and there is also a secondary heat exchanger with its own fan if needed. There are also dual oil filters and an oil cooler. The fuel delivery system uses duel Holley fuel pumps, with the second pump coming on based on throttle position, vacuum, or boost. Each pump has as two filters and a Fitch Fuel Catalyst. The exhaust sytem uses custom ceramic coated headers leading to both side pipes and stacks, with internal mufflers in all outlets.

The engine is backed by a 4L60 automatic overdrive transmission custom built by Gear Star for this specific setup. It uses a lock-up torque converter with a 2,800 rpm stall speed. A trans cooler is present as well. This is a very durable and reliable setup which offers good road manners and economy. The Dana 44 rear has 3.75 gears which are nicely balanced by the big tires.

Stare all you want, but this ride really was built to be driven (9,000 miles to date). The engine tune, overdrive transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, and seats all contribute to the car's drivability. There is a custom fabricated 47-gallon fuel tank with bladder. When combined with 15 mpg highway this gives a trenemdous range of 700 miles. There is an auxiliary front grille that snaps in place to keep the radiator neat and clean on the highway. Note too this is registered as a 1923 Ford Truck with a clear Wisconsin title.

Everything adds up to a street rod that is of a rare breed. While this write-up presents many details, the car must really be seen in person to fully appreciate its beauty and quality craftsmanship; it could not be duplicated for anywhere near its asking price. Where else are you going to find its equal?



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